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 I have done photography of Galveston for 20 years.   Four years ago Lucky and I created the Art Fire Truck.   Last year Cinderella Rabbit joined us and both of them quickly outgrew the firetruck.  

 We now do family life art.  We go to all Galveston events with Cinderella Rabbit, sidewalk chalk and bubbles.   This has skyrocketed Luckys (now called Blue) social development.  What we did not realize at first was how much the families enjoyed running into us.  We are a hands on exhibit of playing with bunny and children meeting each other.   I have done a lot of art and never experienced the beauty of our family art.

My newest project is turning a house into a family vacation rental.  Those of you who have met Blue and Cinderella probably can believe it is not a typical vacation rental.  Check out our page on it. Family vacation rental

We meet a lot of people and would certainly like to hear from you .  Drop us a line at clwphoto@clwphoto.com

Below is a link to an older clip of Lucky and I building a rock arch on the sea wall.  It’s cute. 


Link to Lucky and I doing our art !



I am Lucky .  I am a Princess who can swim like a mermaid.  I love and protect the Monarch Butterfly .  We are decorating the fire truck to promote the butterflies . I will be selling milkweed seed so that they can find food and a place to lay eggs when they migrate through Galveston

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