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Welcome to my Carpentry . My father did carpentry so I have a lifetime of carpentry . If you are on this webpage you also can identify me as an artist. Below is a sample of my work. I enjoy bring the past both good and bad out of old wood . I listen closely to the owner and try to take their ideas and make them better than they imagined them . I can put new material in your home and make it fit with the old . I have restored a lot of old hardwood floors . The worse the condition of the floor the better I could make it look .

I have outstanding references. I feel I am reasonable . I am as close to a house doctor as you will find.



 A common staircase with spindles rebuilt .

Below is the finished staircase .  The down stairs had doorway and they were widened to create open effect.

 A new capital for a Greek Revival home.

Custom doorway

 Custom fence door . Below is the handle . It is  a privacy handle.  You have to know how to open it .

  A 1915 shotgun house .  Cabinets are all new . They are made out of old 5/4 tounge and groove which was used to make thin walls in the old  homes.

The book case was added along with the overhead windows. The soffit is an old wrought iron fence.

Custom closet

 Old kitchens restored will last forever . The counter is mexican 12" marble laid groutless , stained with watercolors and epoxy .

Thsi is an old photo . I enjoy using the herringbone weave.  The material  is from a oak corn crib which was over a hundren years old. The home owner stained it which I wish he had not done and it photo is old but it is still one of my favorite pieces. 


I seldom do a floor anymore . I included this photo because of the heavy damage to the floor. It had a vinyl flooring on it which badly stained the floor . I added watercolors to the floor and stained . It finished our prettier than a new floor . 

Homes have character . I enjoy bringing their story out . If I have to alter the home I want the change to fit with the home .


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