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Eagle Lake

 Restoration of a 1940 Southern Pacific Caboose at the Eagle Lake, Prairie Edge Museum .

   Calvin Wehrle , Art restoration , 409-766-0529  clwphoto@clwphoto.com

Eagle Lake is located west of Houston, Texas .

The caboose was in bad need of repair .  There were many holes in the roof and sides of the car.  The whole floor had to be removed and replaced.



The caboose is riveted together which predates welding . The side bays replaced the top cupola lookout . 

Museum Director,Morris

The volunteers fund the museum with rummage sales . 

Everyone who does an off road trip through this corridor looks for the beauty and meaning of these communities. The Prairie Edge Museum totally covers the community since its founding. A priceless peek inside a community .  You can also browse through the dollar an item rummage sale in the middle of the museum . 

Train lights , Police Station , Eagle Lake , Texas

I found unlimited potential in time photography of train. However I was to busy to get that perfect shot.  I would like to see what a 6 second exposure with a 18f stop using a  strong flash hand held on  manual .  If anyone has a photo like this , please contact me . 

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