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Galveston Vacation Rental

Phone 409-766-0529

Two bedroom , one bath Bungalow located a block and a half behind Guido’s and the 37th street groin which is paved and one of the better rock groins.Being on the groin at sunrise or sunset is like being in the middle of it. It is the best seat in town .

My daughter , Cinderella Rabbit and I have went out every weekend for years and enjoyed Galveston with the tourists. Introducing Cinderella Rabbit to you has been a great pastime and joy.  I often see a common ground of pushing to the limit trying entertain everyone.   I put together a family vacation rental with this in mind. It is located on a quiet family oriented side street a block and a half from the Seawall. There are seven restaurants within a few blocks and the seawall and paved rock groin going out into the gulf makes a pleasant walk. The back yard is very private and has a large flower garden for the butterflies and birds. We keep an arts supply so the family can make something for the garden or a prayer flag.  We even encourage everyone to paint on the mural on the side of the house.  Our goal is to make an atmosphere in which your family can enjoy and be comfortable enough that you do not feel you need to constantly go out and can actually rest a bit.  It also creates interaction which is what your vacation is about. 

  For those coming from another country the 1915 bungalow is restored in a way the middle class family in the usa would have experienced.  I feel it makes a great little sanctuary to stay in while exploring Galveston. 

Built in 1915


Our back yard is almost totally private and spacious.  We have a local population of Doves , Cardinals, Blue Jays, warblers and a few migrants who frequent our feeders.  The Butterfly garden is designed for the Monarch, yet there is a constant flow of many species of butterflies.  The flower garden is always busy and entertaining. 

The house is cozy and spacious.  It is not loaded with knick knacks that you have to be careful around or get in your way . We are working on collecting games for the kids and family . 

The kitchen is original with the exception of the stone counter top.  It is stock with basic needs. 

The master bedroom has southern exposure which gives it a warmth and a great view of the Butterfly garden .   

The bathroom is a bit unique with the original skirted cast tub.  The room is a favorite for most visitors.  My daughter actually asks to take a shower when we are there. 

 I converted an Art Deco chandelier, Victorian lamp and bent wood rocker into a bird fountain.  The sunlight shining through the bowl as the water drips is a light show in itself.   The bowl resonates like a kettle drum as the water drips in it.  Migrating bird cross the gulf and sometimes land and die from dehydration.  They are drawn to dripping water. 

Below is a link to the video . 

Video of fountain


The Butterfly Garden is new.  We have over a hundred milkweed plants and a variety of plants butterflies need for their habitat. There will always be and abundance of Monarch, eggs, caterpillars , chrysalis and meandering butterflies.   We are also putting together a habitat for the migration birds along with the neighborhood doves, mockingbirds and cardinals.  As spring comes to life the back yard becomes a private little sanctuary.


MY daughter and I have set up a corner for prayer flags and a kit to add yours.  Young or old, religious or not , it is enlightening to share this .   We are working on making painting kits so the kids can paint murals on the house.   If you have went through my website , you are aware of our effort to add to the family atmosphere in Galveston.  We are working on the same venue here.  We hope to have everything we can think of to make this a personal family vacation.

For bookings,
call me at 409-766-0529 or VRBO BOOKING http://www.vrbo.com/700139


These are the local restaurants located within a few blocks.  Guido’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, Gumbo Bar, Queens Barbeque, Brick House tavern and tap, Pelican Club, Nick’s Kitchen and Beach bar.

There are street signals at out seawall crossing which makes it easier to get a family across.  There is a life guard station at the crossing by the rock groin.   The rock groin is a wonderful place to walk out on for a sunset and sunrise.

The house has a washer and dryer.   Towels, basic kitchen utensils, condiments , microwave, blender, cooking stove and oven . 

If you are a birder Jim Stevenson has offered his services as a guide.

If you are coming from another country or staying a week, we will gladly assist you on special services and events.


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