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Lucky and I have passed out a lot of Milkweed seed and Galveston Friend buttons.  Cinderella Bunny has had countless children pet her and has adapted quite well to it. However her happiest moment is still when she arrives home to her rabbit hut.  We are not professional. We make nothing out of this.  Lucky has become a strong girl with solid community.  She loves making friends and people happy . 

Lucky and Cinderella Rabbit surfing for Christmas in July , Pleasure Pier Beach , Galveston

Lucky has new buttons for the friends she makes with bunny . 

Lucky's first surfing.  She did awesome.

Jefferson Starship, MIller Outdoor theatre Houston
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MY pre k class has worked hard on the production of our Rock and Roll show.  As Mr, Ed Sullilivan says “ let me introduce to you , the Beatles!!!”  Click to watch ! www.youtube.com/watch


Childrens Festival Post Office Galveston                                                                                                                Everybody loves a soft Bunny

The Puppet Master performs

World longest hop scotch  , Saengerfest Park , Strand , Galveston

LInk to video

Lucky and Cinderella Rabbit doing the Umbrella parade during Mardi Gras on the Strand.


Lucky and Cinderella Rabbit have both outgrown the fire truck.  A few weeks ago we were sitting outside a coffee shop with 3 awestruck women. One of them stated “I am sitting here thinking what my life would have been like if I would have had a fire truck and a rabbit.  

 A famous writer once described art as when you destroy the distance between subject and viewer.  As a life artist I feel even though it looks trivial to most of the busy , unaware public , it was a ringer.   I will miss the fire truck adventures.  Dad.



Lucky's new Cinderella dress from the FAirly Godmother.

Princess Cinderlla Rabbit is getting big and well loved.

Lucky protecting the Monarach butterfly's at Moody Gardens.

Lucky now has milkweed seed personalized with her photo. 

Lucky's new partner, Cinderella the yellow eared albino rabbit (july 2013)

 A lot of people ask how we trained a rabbit to sit so still on the fire truck.  Lucky got Cinderella when she was small.  She carried her in her purse. She did things like make her sit at her tea party and was adamant she stayed put. She usually ended up putting her in a basket so she would not escape the tea party . Eventually Cinderella broke down and just sat wherever lucky put her until Lucky left the room .  The photo is when Lucky wrapped her up in a cloth book until she fell asleep.   

Lucky going to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston , Eye on Houston, High School Photography exhibit to check out her photo on display .

Lucky went to the Childrens Museum fundraiser at the Moody Mansion.  She bid on the MInnie Pearl doll and won it.

Lucky at Saengerfest Park with Cinderella Bunny Rabbit . 

Lucky was spellbound meeting Ariel.

Lucky's new artwalk friends.

Lucky and Cinderella Rabbit riding train at Moody Gardens

Friday night at Sangerfest Park .  
Thanks for the great music.  The best to all the wonderful children we met  . It was a great time .

We cannot give up !   Dinosaur exhibit , Moody Gardens

Mardi Gras Parade

Lucky doing art walk october 2012


The new fire truck hauled Kisses , Lucky's Kitten


She loves Diego and when she put her line in the water she stated " there's a fish in trouble".

Lucky at  Festival of lights

Dickens on the Strand

Mardi Gras Beads !

Lucky meets Marley

Lucky Meet's Marley the Rockhopper Penguin .

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